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Questions - Essay Example Pain disorder entails experiencing painful penetrations during intercourse. For vaginismus, the vagina contracts continuously, making it difficult for vaginal penetration. Orgasm disorder is a condition whereby either party fails to attain orgasm during sexual intercourse. The secondary orgasmic disorder is when the woman fails to reach orgasm after she has attained orgasm in previous occurrences. There are two common types of STIs: bacterial and viral. Bacteria cause bacterial STIs while viruses cause the viral STIs. Syphilis and the Human Papilliomavirus (HPV) are examples of bacterial and viral STIs respectively. Massachusetts Laws define child sexual abuse as the irresponsible supervision or handling of a child resulting in sexual abuse. It entails sexual grooming, assault, and exploitation. The age of consent in Massachusetts is 18 and 16 for males and females respectively (Lutz, 2011). A child exposed to sexual abuse suffers from emotional, mental, and physical disorders. State laws should be enforced to mitigate child sexual abuse whereby offenders face legal

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Business Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Business Communication - Essay Example The goal of the company is sustainable growth reflected in consistency and profits. In order to achieve its goals, the company need commitment to accelerate efficiency, reduce cost, focus on potential markets and implement efficient decision-making and execution processes. One of the greatest challenges the company is faces is that the beer industry is in its mature competitive stage. In the beer industry, 37% of American adults are beer drinkers. Furthermore, it is the widely purchased hot drink with a projected steady growth. The beverage is enjoyed by all types of consumers. Competition from other competitors is immensely strong. Every company tries to strengthen their global position. Some of Heineken’s rivals are InBev and Grupo Modelo. To cope with the stiff competition most companies, sorted to merging and acquisition. For example; South African PLC united with Miller, and Molson was acquired by Coors. In 2004, InterBrew merged with Ambev and later acquired Anheuser-Bus ch. Heineken has to ensure that it is well presented globally. It became the first company in worldwide distribution of its products aided with strategically placed warehouses. In its operations, small brewers were acquired that made it the biggest beer maker in Eastern Europe. With many brewers across the world, the company has the strength of shipping its products to local areas with minimum costs. Through the acquisition of many breweries, it managed to spread it label. The company decided not to advertise its product on TV in UK from the year 2006. This communication strategy is challenging because most corporations used media to reach homes of millions (Lin, no date). Part 2: Evaluation of corporate communication Is the communication strategy chosen by Heineken a creative corporate communication? The strategy was a right one. The aim of corporate communication is to pass your message across to clients, organization staff as well as to the stakeholders. The message preached is t he starting point of discussion within the organization, and a message can be communicated through many options. The point of argument for Heineken was that TV channels cannot effectively reach targeted market because they are many. The company sought for better alternatives that were adequate and effective than TV adverts (Aashwin 2005). Heineken became sponsors of Heineken European Cup in rugby union and European Champions League through Amstel beer. Through this strategy, the company would get exposure on TV with a target of reaching its consumers. This mode of approach looks more effective than blanket TV adverts. Creativity in reaching its global market puts it ahead of its competitors. Through this sponsorship program, customers get associated with the product of the organization. Heineken incorporated other efficient ways of communication. Communication is conveyed through mission statement, packaging, logos, livery, endorsement and straplines. Part 3: Legislation Communicati on policy is required by organizations because it provides guidelines managers should use in daily communication with employees, stakeholders and customers. Guidelines are also issued on company spokesperson and rights of employees. A clear definition of operational methods is required because they are used in marketing and influence physical design of markets and regulations. Factors to be considered when developing